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Cast and Crew of SCV
Thomas Wallace, or Tom, is pretty much the main protagonist of the story. He is weirdly naive and trusting and a brilliant computer programmer. His interests in science range far and wide and is easily fascinated by any cool tech type the he happens across. He moved to town following his old girlfriend Alexis who had moved before he finished his degree. He still loves Alexis and is confused by his feelings towards Lisa.
(First Appearance) (Lost Love) (Staying the Course) (EEEEP!) (Over-reaction) (Uber Geek Strip) (Ugly Green Monster) (Enter the Matrix) (Guilt) (Guilt Part Deux)
Reese Worthington is an interesting person. He thinks of himself first, his friends and family second, and the rest of the world not at all. He has degrees in Marketing AND Accounting, making him possibly the the most socially irresponsible person you'll come across. Beware the Ka-ching! He was turned down for a date by Devon long ago and his ego now insists that he do all he can to get dates with Devon to prove it was a fluke. His spare time is spent in a gym.
(First Appearance) (Nob or Nobility) (How Humane!) (Reap what you Sowed) (Lemme Explain....) (Overboard) (Prankmeister) (It's Dead, Jim) (Building Fever)
Cathbodua O'Branagain, more commonly referred to as Cat by her friends, is Reese and Tom's original roommate. She is an independant person and likes solitude. She is very bookish and is often studying for school. She's a med student studying to become a neurologist and can get very cranky if her studying is interrupted. The only thing that can usually pry her away from her books is playing pranks on Reese, her occasional concern over Tom's wellbeing, and Lisa's well-meaning teasing. She is Lisa's best friend. She does have a bit of an Irish temper. Fear the temper.
(First Appearance) (REAL First Appearance) (Temper? What temper?) (Homework Shmomework) (Talk to the Coder) (Complicity)
Lisa Lewis is Cat's best friend. She is everything Cat is not. Out-going, social, easy-going, and disinclined to spending time indoors. She rides motorcycles VERY well, loves baseball, and will match anyone beer for beer. She is infatuated with Tom, for reasons nobody is quite sure of. She is currently in a coma after being shot by an "Agent" when she was interfacing the internet with a neural induction helmet trying to save Tom's life.
(First Appearance) (What a BIKE!) (Broken Dreams) (Two Tom Fantasy) (Protective) (HUGE trouble!) (Whoops)
Aidan McShee is a ghost that has was living in the building before Tom and Reese bought it. What's his past? His future? Only time will tell. But DANG if he don't have the cutest Irish Accent!
(First Appearance) (Lucky Charms) (Ambush!) (An Irish T'ing)
Carl Steadman is a man's man. Literally. Carl was the first Human Resources person Tom ran into. Carl is dedicated to his job. REALLY dedicated. He was a football player in college and is adroit at tackling prospects and dragging them in to interview for jobs. He is also far wiser than one would expect, and helped Tom get some perspective on Gay and Lesbian issues. He is gay and not ashamed of it in the slightest.
(First Appearance) (Damning Indicators) (Stereotyping) (Perceptive)
Devon Chow was the Quality Assurance manager at iPose when Tom worked there and Tom recruited her into the new company. She is smart, calm, collected, and a hard worker. She keeps herself and her staff and even OTHER PEOPLE'S staff working at a high efficancy. She is amused at Reese's quest to date her. She uses this as a way to annoy Reese, which she enjoys very much. Sure there may be a bit of a sadistic streak in her, but she's CUTE! So it balances out, right?
(First Appearance) (Business Accumen) (Brand Recognition) (It Begins)
Tom 2, also named Thomas Wallace, is from a parallel universe where Tom moved WITH Alexis, and so is still dating her. In his universe. He was brought to Tom 1's universe through the combined efforts of both Toms. He is bitter that Tom 1's jealousy over his still dating Alexis caused their attempts to send him back to his universe to fail. He is currently searching for a way back that doesn't rely on Tom 1.
(First Appearance) (Head Count) (Green Tom Show (Divine Forgiveness) (Stranded) (Breaking Up)
Mark Rodgers was the VP of Engineering at iPose and is the new company's CEO. He is a remarkably nice guy and is fairly good at soothing everybody's tempers and organizing a team effort. He occasionally goes a little overboard on the teamwork and "Us against Them" mentality, but is otherwise pretty normal. Except for his extreme love of Pop-Tarts that is. And I do mean EXTREME!
(First Appearance) (It Happens) (Inspirational) (Pop Tart Rage)
Alexis Hamby was Tom's girlfriend back in Montana. She graduated first and applied to Berekeley to get away from Montana and see "the big city" and "explore the world." She asked Tom to transfer and come with her as she really did love him. But she hated being a "small town girl" even more. She started dating Pierre, who is very french, soon after moving to Berkeley and is currently living with him. She is working on a masters in anthropology.
(First Appearance) (Finals) (Men! Pffft!)
Pierre d'Baguette is French. He is VERY French. Just ask him! He is from a small town in France outside of Marseilles. He never wanting anything more than to be an artist. He started out at a young age painting murals on the barn with whitewash and making sculptures out of mud. Eventually his mother convinced his father he shouldn't be on the farm and rather should be sent to an art school. His father grudgingly agreed and that was the happiest day of Pierres life. He is currently in Berkeley doing a masters in Art History while he continues to paint. And paint. And paint. And paint.
(First Appearance) (Shocking) (Pierre on Love) (Sparks are Flying) (The Ex)
The Lego Mindstorm(tm) Robots were built by Tom and Tom 2 to demonstrate the flexibility of the Collaborative Computing Architecture paradigm. Things got a little out of hand and resulted in the Military buying up the company thinking the 'bots would be a good military technology to investigate. This lead to the creation of the "Agent" software by the military that Tom, Reese, and Lisa ran into during their foray into the internet, Matrix style.
(First Appearance) (Demands)
Toasty isn't really in the comic. Despite that, he's one of the most popular characters. Don't ask me. I don't know anything about it. But trust me, were Toasty actually IN the comic, he would kick butter. And make lots of yummy toast. He's had cameos in other comics, believe it or not. That's how weird it is.
(First Appearance)
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