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Awards Silly Cone V has won!
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WOO HOO! I got another award! This one comes from the very talented Jenova4 who also made most of the banner link images on the Extras page. It says I'm a goody! Not a baddy! Yay! In my opnion, Jenova4 ought to be lauded with twinkies and marshmallow peeps for her untiring work to make the world a better place! WOOO! She has also made some damn cool banners for my Four ToonTeller buddies. Her Eat The Roses banner is particularly sweet. Thanks again, Jenova4, for the award! It made my day! Or week, even! WOO!
Damonk's gives out this award ROUGHLY once a month to whichever comic has made him spit the most beer on his monitor. He's got a nifty Keith's sensing touch monitor that tallies the amount of beer spewed and corrolates it to what web cartoon he's currently reading. This very sophisticated and scientific cartoon goodness measuring system obviously has a few bugs still in it as in March of 2002 it short circuted and my name showed up on the top of the list. Go figure. Either that or Damonk sneezed while pounding Keith's and my comic HAPPENED to be on his browser at the time. Either way, it's all good. Except for the poor damn Keith's and Damonk slobber drenched monitor who kinda gets a raw deal. (Which is one of two Keith's and Damonk slobber drenched items mentioned on this page.)
Ah, Esyla. Purveyor of all that is Angry. I only read one stick figure comic in the whole damn world, and that stick figure comic is Angry People. Esyla gave this award to me because she wants to get in my pants. I don't blame her. I wouldn't own them if I didn't want to occasionally get in them myself! Tragically, she has been unsuccessful in her nighttime ninja raids of my closet. Her bold pants stealing endeavors have so far netted her an old t-shirt, a pair of sox, and that one button up shirt I have no idea where it came from. She has vowed to sneak into my hotel room and get into my pants this summer at Comicon while I am out roaming the convention so she has time to get into ALL my pants. Except for the pair that I'll be wearing at the time, of course.
Meaghan Quinn, the second Keith's and Damonk slobber drenched item for me to discuss here, has a WILDLY popular and sexy strip Eat Weird Veggies or some such thing. Megs has BEAUTIFUL artwork and a long and complicated storyline. You MUST read the archives to grasp this strip. However, this is about the award and not about how cool Megs is. She gave me this award because I was willing to shake my love thang in photos with her during Comicon in San Diego. We could have done a Doublebutt comericial as a spoof of a popular chewing gum ad, I tell ya! Shake it! Shakkalakkaboom!
The coveted Spons Award was given to me by the psiren of webcomicdom, Glych. She gave this to me in August of 2001. Which is awfully close to the time she got a picture of me licking the Flash's bum at Comicon that year. I wonder if the two events are related? I've done a crossover with her and a few other comics as well as having drooled at her amazing comic book art. Glych is fan-fubin-tastic! And I was REALLY happy to get this award from her!
Damonk gave me this award a long time ago. Why? Because when he was in an absolute panic about how he was gonna finish his classes, he decided to take a month's hiatus. I told him "Hey, don't be silly! I'll do your strip for you for the whole month!" And I did. Actually, what I did was recruit a bunch of other people to do guest strips for Damonk so I could reap the rewards and do none of the work. This was good training for me if I ever decide to build an empire on the blood and sweat of the exploited working class. Or if I enter politics.
Lookie! The first award I ever recieved! I nearly wept with happiness. Then I realized I was hungry and I went and got some corn chips. Man, were those good corn chips. I have no idea why I was the cartoonist of the month over at Cartoon Community but they gave me the award, they did. And they can't take it back now! IT'S MINE I SAY! MY PRECIOUS! WE HATES THEM! WE HATES THEM FILTHY CARTOONISTS! WE HATES THEM FOREVER! YES MY PRECIOUS!
And at the bottom of the list, in the position of most infamy..... the Boxjam Award. Sort of. When asked if I might also get the boxjam award for my excellence in webcomicing, Boxjam said some very rude things. But as he promised to give "an" award to anybody who asked him for one, he felt obligated to give me one as well. Little did I know he would vent his displeasure at my strip in such a vociferous manner. But as it's an award, and this is my award page, I guess I have to put it up here. Oh Boxjam, what can I do to appease your mighty anger? How can I wash away the sins of shoddy comicing and achive grace within your sight?
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