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Monday, September 4, 2006
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Chopping Block
College Roomies From Hell
Eat The Roses
Fat Cats Evade
For Better or For Worse
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Men In Hats
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News and Notes!

March 2004

Yup, this is the end of Silly Cone V. At least until I finish my Ph.D degree. So maybe look for it in a few years. :) I'll see if I can't scavenge some time then and restart it. But in the mean time, why don't you go look for a nice replacement comic. The one mentioned in my final strip is quite nice and worth a look. The author happens to be a good friend of mine and could use a few new readers. Also, any of the strips in the line up on the left hand side of the page is worthy of your perusal as well. However, the two that stand out the most are Goats and Men in Hats. Both are also done by two gentlemen I'd consider to be on friendly terms with. And both are far, far superior comics. If you've read one or two strips of theirs and not gone back, I suggest trying again. For Goats, I recommend the first Twix Saga if you're excessively cerebral or Kittens = Poptarts if you love poptarts excessively. Just start reading. For Men in Hats I suggest you start at the very beginning or jump right to one of my favorite strips here.

It's been a long long 3 and a half years or so of Silly Cone V, and I still have tons of ideas for it. I'm still hoping to put some of those ideas into ink and paper at some point, but we'll have to wait on that. I'd like to thank all of you readers. Making comics is fun. Making comics on a regular schedule, however, is sheer agony sometimes. You guys are what made it all worth while. Sorry to leave you in the lurch like this.

Anyway, feel free to drop me a line and bitch at me for being lazy, and maybe I'll tell you the answers behind Aidan's existance, what happened to Pierre, or whether or not Reese is gonna hook up with Devon! Or maybe I'll just grunt and squeal like a piggy or something. Who knows!
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